At Gibliston Mill, our aim is to help you become healthier and happier. Relieve back and neck pain through a spinal treatment with qualified osteomyologist and nutritional therapist Jane Lorimer. Learn how to prepare and create healthy, quick and easy recipes at one of Jane's cooking courses. Practice yoga, pilates or Qi Gong in the Gibliston Mill studio. Discover the beauty of the Scottish countryside and experience nature therapy with Rory McPhee. Join us and we'll guide you to feel lighter and more resilient in your body, mind and spirit.

About Jane

Jane Lorimer discovered the power of osteomyology when she was 24. Following a skiing accident, she found herself unable to walk or work properly and searched everywhere for a solution. After nine months of severe pain, she met a practioner who told used gentle movements to align the spine and joints. She couldn't believe that such tiny adjustments could make such a huge difference. But they did. The same day of her own treatment, she signed up to become a practioner herself. She graduated from the McTimoney Chiropractic College four years later, in 1989.

The following year, she set up The Wren Clinic, the first integrated clinic of natural medicine in the City of London. The team of 15 practitioners and a GP pioneered treatments for stress-related and chronic disease for individuals and companies.

In 1995, she wrote The Practical Guide to Candida which sold 14,000 copies. The first copies were delivered the day before the birth of her first child, Charlotte. Her son, George was born in 1998, two years after she had moved her family to Fife, in Scotland.


Jane's interest in food as medicine developed at the Wren Clinic as she was working alongside nutritionists such as Gillian Hamer. Working with people suffering with, often undiagnosed, chronic candida and gut microbiome problems, she saw how effective changes to diet and lifestyle could be. Cooking became incredibly important for her and her family. When her children were older, she enrolled at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Edinburgh and qualified as a nutritional therapist in 2013.

Her current focus is on developing Gibliston Mill into an educational and healing retreat centre.

Events & Courses

Healthy Cooking Courses

Cooking Day for Students: We cook and eat lunch together and you take home supper for you and two flatmates. We'll cover 30 recipes and all Jane's tips and sources will be in your file plus some of the ingredients for your time saving store cupboard.


Pre Freshers' Week, Saturday, 7th September, 10am-4.30pm or Sunday 8th, 10.30am-5pm, (maximum 8 students), £95

Reading Week Cooking Day, Wednesday 23rd October, 10.00am-4.30pm, £95

Find out more or book your place by sending Jane a message or calling her on 01333340247 or 07730481418.

Forest bathing & Nature therapy

Rory McPhee is the founder of  Nature  Therapy Counsel. He spends his time amongst trees and macroalgae in Scotland, researching their effects on human well-being through sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. He offers guided sessions of  one and a half to three hours, which can be arranged throughout the summer at Gibliston Mill. The cost is £20 for a two hour session per person (for 4-8 people), or pro rata. Children can come for free.

During the Yoga Retreats, Rory will be offering four guided sessions:


Monday 9th September 8.00-10.00am, £20

Monday 16th September 8.30-11.00, £25

Tuesday 17th September 8.00-10.00am, £20

Saturday 21st September 8.00-9.30am, £20

Find out more or book your place by sending Jane a message or calling her on 01333340247 or 07730481418.

Jane Lorimer, MA (Hons) DC MAO NT Dip CNM


Gibliston Mill,                             T: 01333 340247

Colinsburgh,                              M: 07730 481 418


Fife, KY9 1JS                              jmlorimer@gmail.com