Pilates and yoga

Join a Pilates or Yoga Class. Trust me, just do it.

You’ll be hooked within a few weeks and your friends and colleagues will notice how much taller and sleeker you are looking and feeling.  The combination of keeping your spine well aligned with an hour’s Pilates per week will keep your back, neck, hips and knees, young and strong and pain free. 


Shelagh Keegan teaches a whole range of Pilates in St Andrews

01334 474298


Rosalind Batchelor teaches Yoga in St Andrews

01334 828623


Suzy Delaney teaches Pilates and has spinning classes in St Monans and Lower Largo

07979 158168

Suzy’s classes are “Power Pilates” and aerobic while Shelagh’s classes are slow, precise and calm and brilliant for remedial work – but so are Suzy’s one to ones.


Sarah’s Baby Yoga is fabulous

From 6 weeks to 8 years.  

07841 104 830


If you can get to Kinross or Edinburgh, ring Sarah Smart on 01577 863 681 as her husband Suthesh (pronouced Sateesh) teaches dynamic yoga and is amazing. He will also do one to ones.


Kelly McMahon teaches Pilates in Dunfirmline and has a class just for men

01383 724407    

Jane Lorimer, MA (Hons) DC MAO NT Dip CNM


Gibliston Mill,                             T: 01333 340247

Colinsburgh,                              M: 07730 481 418


Fife, KY9 1JS                              jmlorimer@gmail.com