Spinal Treatments

Relieve pain in your back or neck, improve your posture and learn how best to look after your body.

Jane Lorimer has thirty years of experience practicing as a qualified osteomyologist. This gentle treatment involves precise manipulation of the spine and joints to increase mobility, strength and relieve pain. Her whole body approach also includes advice on lifestyle, exercise and diet so that you can be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself. Osteomyology is exceptionally safe and can help people of all ages, from newborn babies to ninety-year-olds. Athletes, pregnant mothers and those with disabilities can all benefit from osteomyology.


Jane graduated from the McTimoney Chiropractic College in 1989. She later enrolled at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and qualified as a  nutritional therapist in 2013. Since then, she has also taken courses in kinesiology, a holistic therapy involving muscle testing. Where appropriate, she will also recommend nutritional supplements, laboratory tests, homeopathic or herbal remedies, stretches or relaxation techniques.


What can osteomyology help?


Back and neck pain
General pain, both chronic and acute
Arthritis or inflammation of the joints
Golfers’ and Tennis elbow
Headaches, migraines, dizziness, tinnitus
Joint restriction and muscle spasm
Pain and discomfort during pregnancy
Postural strains
Sports injuries
Repetitive Strain Injuries
Whiplash and road traffic accidents

How does the treatment work?


During an initial consultation, Jane will take a thorough medical history and carry out a careful physical examination. She will discuss the diagnostic findings and make a recommendation as to the number and frequency of treatments required. This way, she will know the extent of your financial commitment, right from the start. Together, you will agree your goals and the treatment can begin. This involves re-enabling your spine, to maintain good alignment and freeing up your nerve impulses to allow them to do their job of keeping you in robust health, with plenty of energy. With osteomyology, people frequently find that problems they’ve had for years, such as digestive disorders, skin problems or fatigue, which have no apparent link to back or neck pain, improve to simply disappear.


Will it hurt?


If you're worried that manipulation means “bone-cracking”, don't be. Most people cannot believe that something which feels as light as osteomyology can move bones and correct misalignments so effectively or how the same technique can work for 18-stone rugby players and still be safe for tiny babies. The secret lies in the speed and precision of the adjustments. If you are dubious, or have had a bad experience before, Jane will gladly demonstrate on your hand, before the treatment starts. During a consultation, time is always made to talk and this helps her find the right approach for you. As a result, she is almost always able to identify the root causes of your problem and then develop an initial treatment plan. She has also built up a wide network or colleagues in both conventional and alternative medicine, and if she feels that you would be better served by another practitioner, she will not hesitate to refer you to them.

To book an appointment, contact Jane or give her a call on 01333340247 or 07730481418.

Jane Lorimer, MA (Hons) DC MAO NT Dip CNM


Gibliston Mill,                             T: 01333 340247

Colinsburgh,                              M: 07730 481 418


Fife, KY9 1JS                              jmlorimer@gmail.com